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  • Reminder: We do not provide services for buying/selling safely. Our best recommendation for conducting actual trades, especially large ones or account ones, is to use


Staff member
Apr 4, 2022
Please read the below rules to ensure you're able to join and stay awhile.
  • Do not conduct trades on the site
  • Scamming, or the attempt of, will result in being blocked and all information blacklisted
  • Do not sell any hack, exploit, bot, or other 3rd party programs intended to gain an unfair advantage
  • The offering of hacked or stolen accounts is strictly forbidden, including, but not limited to, games, TV services, movies, etc
  • Do not advertise or post links to websites that sell items, gold or services directly
  • Keep your threads visually clean and organized
  • Use the correct prefixes when necessary, using excessive or incorrect prefixes can result in your thread being removed
  • By default, all users are allowed to bump market threads 3 times per day, with a minimum of 30 minutes between each - there will be ways to increase this limit. Bumping using posts is strictly forbidden and doing so will result in the thread being removed.