Meso Scania Ms Sell White scroll 2.5$

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May 18, 2024
hi guys
Welcome to my shop.


offer one of the most effective and fastest services, 100% responsible
With 5 years in maplestory sales


images.jpgWhite scroll 2.5$
mesos.jpg100m 4$

Leveling Services
Lv 1-7025$
Lv 1-9035$
Lv 1-12075$

Accounts available
(includes mesos or white if you wish)
Night Lord Lv 150 (Triple throw 10)120$
Bishop lv 175 (genesis 30/Angel Ray 30)140$
Bishop lv 160 (genesis30/Angel Ray 30)130$
Bowmaster Lv 12075$
HS mule (max)35$
HB mule (max)35$

Bulk discount
Online 24/7, always have stock available

Bans are always a possibility, but I have taken the necessary precautions to minimize the risk. I will guide you on how to minimize the risk during the trades

Payment Method:
Paypal: F&F
Crypto ( For All Currency ) discount

Sales can be organised through Pixel Market or privately

Contact me for more information
Dc: castlemesos001
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